$240 Quarter Pound – White Bubba Indica AAA

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Connoiseurs have been known to search far and wide for White Bubba, a rare favorite among indica-leaning strains. White Bubba’s unique star- shaped buds are covered in thick coats of trichomes, complete with stunning purple leaves.

Its pungent fragrance is underscored by notes of sweet fruit, and it tends to offer a subtle mood boost followed by deeply relaxing effects. Lineage: Pre-’98 Bubba Kush crossed with The White

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for $240 Quarter Pound – White Bubba Indica AAA

  1. Hunter

    It’s great. The body high is different than most. Very relaxing but not in a sedative way. I was still able to fully function and work. Tastes amazing.

  2. Reid

    Helps with my anxiety and depression so that’s a plus. Took 2 bowls to feel effects enough. Maybe it’s just where I got it from cuz I have I have seen better flower with much more heavy crystal blanket on outside. If you can try it, then try it!!!

  3. Stewart

    Has a very distinct body euphoria that slowly overtakes you after your final exhale. You don’t feel it’s full effect until you’re seated but it’s like a sinking feeling that takes the pressure off of your body. Meanwhile there’s a happy feeling floating around the edges of your brain pulsating and generating lighthearted thoughts.

  4. Carter

    I was expecting something a bit on the heavier side, but for me, this is a good daytime strain. This helps me shift my focus from nerves and unproductive things to whatever I feel like doing. Completely melts my OCD away. Relaxed but grounded high, definitely picking this up whenever I see it.

  5. Phillips

    Special sauce. This strain is 100% Netflix and chill and 0% walk around and have any idea where you are.

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