$240 Quarter Pound – Black Gas Hybrid AAA

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Black Gas Cannabis strain derives its name from its distinct dark colour and its parents’ names. This award winner of The High Times Cannabis Cup of 2008 originates from Canada’s Vancouver Island, whose genetics arise from the Black and the Gas Mask Indica strains. Black Gas Marijuana strain is a potent Indica-dominant strain that has a hybrid ratio of Indica 90% and Sativa 10%, and a THC content of 18%-20%. This review will help you understand the Black Gas weed strain.

The long-lasting relaxing and sensational effects of these marijuana flowers make it famous for centuries. The frosty leaves of Black Gas Marijuana strain turn from dark purple to black at bloom. The sweet sticky, resinous buds are dense, dark purple, medium-sized, and grape-shaped with purple hairs, and a thick frosty coating of purple crystal trichomes. A spicy and pungent aroma of the buds fills the air during bloom, and a berry and peppery aroma remain of your palate after exhaling the smoke from the burnt buds.

Black Gas Weed strain has a high that comes rapidly and gives you a gently warm and relaxing body thrill that spreads from the back of the head through the spine to the rest of the body, and leaves you relaxed, and extremely sedated. This Marijuana strain also helps treat medical and mental distresses. Black Gas Cannabis strain is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation and requires tender care to produce high yields. The indoor plants flower after 7-8 weeks and produce about 10 ounces per square metre. The outdoor crop flowers by late September and produce approximately 12 ounces per plant.

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for $240 Quarter Pound – Black Gas Hybrid AAA

  1. Marlo

    Another one of our staples. Good for pain, stress and relaxing without the couch-lock.

  2. Coen

    wonderful aroma, and flavor. great for my back pain in low doses and my sleep issues in high doses.

  3. Franco

    The strain was pretty nice. I smoked it and vaporized it. You starting pretty fast and without smoking that much to feel good. You get a big smile and start laughing at everything. The sunrise is a different breed. The colors are so wonderful and the sounds from birds are relaxing as always. After one to three hours you’re starting to feel the Indica. You get sleepy and sleep very nicely. All in all, I would give only 4/5 because I got paranoia nearly every time.

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