$380 Half Pound – Purple Crack Hybrid AAAA

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The spade-shaped buds of Purple Crack bear green and purple flowers with a liberal sprinkling of trichomes. This sativa-dominant cannabis strain emits a deliciously spicy scent with hints of rose, fresh dirt, and pine needles.

THC levels tend to stay in the mid to high teens, and the effects of Purple Crack have been described by consumers as producing a sativa experience. This means that consumers felt an increase in energy and thinking while anxiety and mood seems to improve. Some have used Purple Crack to reduce stress and social anxiety. Others have reported that this strain helps with stomach issues and minor pain.

Some reviewers have enjoyed this strain because it has increased their imaginative thinking.

Purple Crack is the result of crossing the infamous Green Crack with Juicy Fruit.

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for $380 Half Pound – Purple Crack Hybrid AAAA

  1. Daniel

    This is one of my favorite day time strains. It’s great to drift you into a mindless state where you can get stuff done. It’s odd because I get a focused high from it yet my depression doesn’t seem to effect my motivation while high from it. This strain is perfect for getting some cleaning done or running errands.

  2. Newton

    One of my 10 favorite strains. Smoked some live resin out of an Evolve vaporizer and it hit me like a truck with intense uplifting and euphoric effects, accompanied by the potent relaxing properties. Has a pungent aroma which is very piney and earthy, the taste being more earthy and sour.

  3. Potter

    Great strain. Got some shake from star buds Niwot. Very pungent, earthy, somewhat skunky, faint hint of chocolate. Pretty stony strain. Great for pain management and insomnia. Damn good strain.

  4. Francis

    real nice feelings, I get really awake and have visions when I take it. defently good for chilling with friends

  5. Erickson

    A beautiful Bud, full of cristals… I have a very nice time with my friends, feel very relaxed and happy, nice strain for pubs and nights at home.

  6. Norman

    Makes you way too sleepy to sit through a 3 hour class. Cant stay awake

  7. Moody

    Very pungent odor, not easy to hide the smell. Very relaxed and mood enhancing, even some energy at the start but an hour later definitely glued to your seat as its name implies, and appetite stimulated.

  8. Lindsey

    Awesome stuff , very strong smelling , great for just hanging around the house

  9. Gross

    Amazing high. Taste great. Very relaxing body high.

  10. Sherman

    Start a movie before you enjoy this strain or you may end up endless scrolling. Pleasantly not a knockout sleepy time high, yet very relaxing and sedative. Great for video games or movies.

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