$385 Half Pound – Jedi Kush Indica AAA

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The pure Indica hybrid strain Jedi OG is a cross between the two strains, SFV OG Kush and Death Star. THC percentage levels of Jedi OG are considered moderate, ranging in the mid-teens while CBD levels of this strain are higher than average reaching up to 5%.

Also known as Jedi Kush, the force of this strain can be quite strong at first, leaving some users in an intense cerebral, almost psychedelic euphoria. If consumed in smaller and more controlled amounts, the high of Jedi OG has been described as a euphoric hug, that can calm the mind into a relaxed and blissful state.

Jedi OG has been reviewed to be a strain with a wide range of flavors and aromas, offering consumers an earthy, diesel, and skunky scent that becomes more pungent and profound when you start to break apart its buds. When consumed, Jedi OG gives off a harsh and tobacco-like smoke, coupled with notes pine and skunk that linger on the pallet after the exhale. If properly cultivated and cured, Jedi OG has been known to produce olive-green buds tinged with deep purple and lavender hues. A plethora of thick frosty white trichomes and sticky colas hints at its euphoric Indica effects.

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for $385 Half Pound – Jedi Kush Indica AAA

  1. Hall

    Amazing!!! One of my favorites!! Super alert effect.

  2. Allen

    This is without a doubt one of the most potent strains I’ve ever smoked. Definitely mind warping and couch locking. I was so high that I thought my one-hitter box was ringing…so I answered it. Yeah, it’s that good.

  3. Lopez

    Hands down my favorite strain. recently tried… 6/5 stars! amazingly relaxing and euphoric!

  4. Green

    Very comfortable and couch lock, yet not sleepy.

  5. Gonzalez

    Definitely tied with #1 for my favorite!! I felt like I was floating.. I felt so light, tingly, uplifted, airy.. just floating.. It’s an awesome head high! Very happy, talkative.. it just felt like i was in the clouds. I didn’t get sleepy or hungry or giggly, just floating feeling very nice!

  6. Baker

    Kinda hard to describe! I ended up playin video games all night with my husband ^-^ Also i wasn’t able to get “too high” on this, so that’s good! When I was super high it just felt like I was in the air! It was great 🙂 Zero bad feelings except for dry mouth, which isn’t that terrible! I would say that this strain has a high-functionality-floating-effect and a low fun-giggly-effect.

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