$385 Half Pound – Purple Crack Hybrid AAA

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The spade-shaped buds of Purple Crack bear green and purple flowers with a liberal sprinkling of trichomes. This sativa-dominant cannabis strain emits a deliciously spicy scent with hints of rose, fresh dirt, and pine needles.

THC levels tend to stay in the mid to high teens, and the effects of Purple Crack have been described by consumers as producing a sativa experience. This means that consumers felt an increase in energy and thinking while anxiety and mood seems to improve. Some have used Purple Crack to reduce stress and social anxiety. Others have reported that this strain helps with stomach issues and minor pain.

Some reviewers have enjoyed this strain because it has increased their imaginative thinking.

Purple Crack is the result of crossing the infamous Green Crack with Juicy Fruit.

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for $385 Half Pound – Purple Crack Hybrid AAA

  1. Stanley

    Very nice for chilling and/or relaxing. Eases you into being more friendly and social. Of all the strains I’ve tried, this one gets me every time. 🙂

  2. Holland

    Def one of my faves!! Makes me happy, talkative, but keeps me glued to the chair!! I have PTSD and its perfect for it!! Plus, if you get the motivation up its amazing for that special time with the wife!!

  3. Terry

    If you like potent bud, this one is for you…looked like the small compact buds were rolled in sugar. This strain was too strong for me being a novas so I gave my gram to a friend who is a seasoned pro and he claim this may be the best flower he has ever smoked…that says a lot.

  4. Shelton

    Very good strain, I liked it only hit a bowl of it at a friends house and let me tell you it felt great. I’d love to get this into a blunt and see how high I get lol

  5. Miles

    1st time. Woodsy and smooth. Almost no coughing. Pre roll . 5g Surterra Florida’s Finest. I felt immediate tension relief in muscles. Its calming.

  6. Lucas

    Taste is earthy with a tone citrus. Excellent body and head high. I’ve tried in both concentrate and flower and definitely a legend

  7. Fletcher

    This is my all time favorite strain. It worked for me within 5 minutes or less. Made me feel extremely happy, giggly, and super relaxed. I did get a bit of couch lock but it felt amazing and the high lasted a long time. Perfect if you just want to relax and have an uplifted mood! Took away my pain as well!

  8. Parks

    Great for any stomach/intestinal issues! Also, pain, anxiety… It is the best strain & my #1

  9. Norris

    Really tasty and smooth shatter. Nice taste and good head relax for the bucks.

  10. Guzman

    Great to sit back and relax

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