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$395 Half Pound – Purple Rhino X Nuken Hybrid AAA

(9 customer reviews)


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Purple Rhino strain is a near-pure indica weed strain with a unique taste coupled with a perfect balance of both physical and cerebral effects. It is a crossbreed of the beloved White Rhino and Mendocino Purps strains.

Over the recent past, Purple Rhino Strain has become increasingly popular due to its indica-heavy effects and unique flavor of skunky berry and citrus.

Although Purple Rhino Strain is an exceptionally potent strain, it is still not the strongest near-pure indica strain out there. Nevertheless, with a THC level of approximately 20%-24%, Purple Rhino can produce very heavy high and long-lasting effects.

Open a jar of Purple Rhino Strain at your local dispensary, and you’ll love the sweet berry smell of its dense buds. The strain inherits its unique scent from its Mendocino Purps lineage.

When smoked, Purple Rhino burns with a unique aroma of skunky pine and citrus with small notes of berry and tropical. You’ll absolutely love this strain’s flavor profile.

Like most near-pure indicas, a Purple Rhino high starts slowly at the head before gradually spreading to the rest of the body.

Regardless of its average THC level, this weed strain can completely knock you out, and leave you couch-locked for hours on end. With that said, make sure to smoke Purple Rhino after work as it may put you out of commission for hours.

Reviews (9)

9 reviews for $395 Half Pound – Purple Rhino X Nuken Hybrid AAA

  1. Tristin

    Amazing, very rFirst time and not the last. Melted but awake, for now. Really pleasant.elaxed smoke with a pleasant but strong high.

  2. Troy

    Love it definitely great after a long day at work to help you relax!!!

  3. Tommy

    Top-shelf strain that acts like an Indica when you need to, acts like a Sativa when you need to. Perfect for any occasion.

  4. Wiley

    The buds looks beautiful showing off several shades of green. It smelled fruity and was very strong. The high was very enjoyable.

  5. Rick

    only small piple bowls do a great medication for me . blunt or joint might be a very intense smoke , and im not allowed to smoke (europe) so that might get me into trouble . i personally love the smell.

  6. Victor

    I absolutely love this strain. it’s definitely in my top 5 for sure. I would love it if my Dispensary would bring this strain back on the menu. my only drawback is that I didn’t order enough of it. ♡ & Peace…

  7. Jessie

    This strain is excellent. Starts with a subtle head high that evolves into a relaxed and happy buzz of bliss. It then moves on to a relaxing haze body wide. Among the best strains for me and I’m sure you will love it!

  8. Neil

    one of my absolute favorite strains super potent smells absolutely amazing. really strong strain with high resin

  9. Nick

    This strain was extremely relaxing and mellow. My body and mind were chill but I felt uplifted and euphoric, definitely a strong hybrid. Enjoyed this in shatter form,

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