$410 Half Pound – Lindsay OG Indica AAA

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Lindsay OG is an award winning, indica-dominant that hails from British Columbia. Named after the town of Lindsay, Ontario, this lovely lady goes by many names including “Lindsay OG Kush,” “Lindsay Kush,” or simply “Lindsay.” The Canadian beauty won Best Indica in Canada at the 2015 Karma Cup and placed second at the Cannabis in Canada Society. The renowned grower Chad Jackett created this strain in the early 2010s when his crew first arrived in BC. Its genetics are a bit of a mystery but definitely includes the infamous OG Kush. The resulting strain is a potent bud with an impressive percentage of THC that can be as high as 25%.

Appearance, Aroma and Flavour
Lindsay OG has a unique and enjoyable profile with deep pungent flavours balanced with earthy pine and notes of gassy diesel. The strain delivers an enjoyably smooth smoking experience. When smoked, a sweeter flavour becomes more pronounced against its lingering skunky musk. The forest green buds range from small to medium-sized with flashes of orange and amber pistils weaved throughout. The lumpy, popcorn-like nuggets are tightly packed, and enjoy a generous coating of thick, sticky trichomes that shimmer in the light.

Effects and Medical Uses
The strain provides a fully body high characteristic of many indicas. The experience builds slowly with a euphoric yet heavy head high that provides clarity, and shifts the mind into an uplifted cerebral state. The high dissolves across the limbs into a potent body buzz that leaves you in relaxed sedation and can weigh some down into couch lock. Due to its intense effects, Lindsay OG has great medicinal uses and is often chosen to help relieve chronic pain, stress, depression and loss of appetite. This powerful strain is best enjoyed in the evening. Beginners take heed. Due to Lindsay OG’s potency, newer smokers may want ease into this strain.

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for $410 Half Pound – Lindsay OG Indica AAA

  1. Harper

    My favorite strain right now! Very dense nugs that still grind up very well and stick to your fingers, even after ground up. Good piney and earthy aroma and taste. Very heavy mental stone, strong body effects, and great pain/ache relief.

  2. Gurfateh

    Great strain overall. took a little while for it to kick in, but when it did, it was fantastic

  3. Gideon

    I feel NO PAIN!!!!!!!! BUT it’s making me a little paranoid. But once I eat I’m good….! And Still No chronic pain (from a stroke)…. I give this strain an (A+)

  4. Fynn

    Overall great strain, very uplifting yet relaxing also comes with a nice head buzz as well. Definitely one of my favorites.

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