$59 Ounce – Rainbow Runtz Indica AAA

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Rainbow Runtz, also known as “Rainbow Runts,” is an indica weed strain made from a double cross of Skittlez and DoSiDos. The effects of Rainbow Runtz are reported to be more calming than energizing. Reviewers on Leafly who have smoked this strain say it makes them feel hungry, sleepy, and relaxed. The flavor of Rainbow Runtz is earthy with notes of pine and berry.

When smoked in large doses, this strain may make your eyes or mouth feel dry so it’s important to hydrate while you partake. Rainbow Runtz is most commonly found in the form of flower. The original breeder of this strain is unknown.

Reviews (7)

7 reviews for $59 Ounce – Rainbow Runtz Indica AAA

  1. Giovanni

    Taste is good, spicy. Effects are off the charts! Smell is pungent. I’ve had this from numerous different dispensaries and all have been amazing. Also have had this in batter concentrate and also amazing! One of my favs by far!

  2. Chase

    This is perhaps my new favorite strain. This is great for outdoor fun. The taste it slightly earthy but very light. The euphoria kicks in almost instantly.

  3. Jasper

    this is how I wish all weed looked like. amazing bag appeal. super sticky, the name is truly fitting. kinda minty flavor. the affects are powerful, and last a bit. hats off to this one.

  4. Diego

    First medication to take away the pain in my head from intracranial hypertension. Pain relief lasted for about 4 hours. Woke up the next day without head pain for the first time in 2 1/2 years. Very relaxing strain as well.

  5. Milo

    This is hands down my favorite strain of all time, I have 11 years smoking experience and this still puts me in the couch every single time, the smell the taste and the look are all a solid 10/10, this is honestly the best strain I have ever consumed, I will be purchasing more ANY time I see this in store.

  6. Lorenzo

    Duuuude! This strain is seriouslyyyy POTENT! Be careful to not OD on the strain(especially if your a beginner) cause it can make you green out(be nauseous, anxious, paranoid, etc.)

  7. Zion

    This high will turn you to stone. So definitely make sure to get your tasks done FIRST! The smell of the bud is really nice! Unique!

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