$705 Pound – Purple Afghani Indica AAA

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The Purple Afghani cannabis strain is an indica-dominant hybrid native to the West Coast and can be found in Colorado as well. It was first made available by The BC Bud Depot out of Canada. It’s a cross between Purple Kush and the Afghani Landrace Strain.

Purple Afghani buds can either be of a fern-green color or even purple in plants that have been exposed to lower temperatures. The leaves are tightly curled and compact, mixed with vast bundles of coiled orange pistils. A crystal trichome layer provides a protective coat for the nuggets. Such protection these trichomes offer is evident from the amount of force it takes to break a bud apart. In doing so, strong fumes of blue cheese and sage mix into the earthy odor of damp soil. Combusting Purple Afghani amplifies the pungent cheese flavor and leaves a spicy aftertaste.

The Purple Afghani strain offers a relaxing high comparable to a mild tranquilizer as reviewers have reported. Some medical users found relief from anxiety, depression, and stress. In this trippy yet drowsy state, everything seems perfect and content. This mental contentment is accompanied by a physical serenity as the muscles of the body completely numb and relax according to reviewers.

Purple Afghani THC levels are about 18% on average but have tested up to 25%. It has not been reported to cause severe food cravings, making it a good choice for those users prone to overeating. Users report a deeper sleep as well as being able to fall asleep faster, making Purple Afghani a great strain to enjoy at night before bed.

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for $705 Pound – Purple Afghani Indica AAA

  1. Graham

    Such an amazing experience with this strain. I went out dancing and danced all night. Still functional and very euphoric.

  2. Griffin

    This is a great strain to keep around to take the edge off. Everything from being anxious, restless, paranoid from another strain or whatever, one hit will let you sit down and relax.

  3. Russell

    Very unique taste, smell, and high. A pricey strain that is always running out, but well worth the price and wait. Jump on the chance to grab some….tomorrow it could be gone!

  4. Foster

    Favourite strain for at night. Good for insomnia/anxiety/depression. Great for evening relaxing and watching movies. Wouldn’t recommend if you need to get things done. Just a great happy then sleepy smoke. Try it if you get a chance.

  5. Butler

    What a great strain. High in THC content. Break it open and, to me, it smells like fruity pebbles. Great looking buds. The high is fantastic as well. Cannot say enough great things about this strain. Personal favorite.

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