$750 Pound – Romulan Indica AAA

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The cannabis strain Romulan is an indica that smells of pine and bares an earthy, woody taste. When harvest-ready, its buds are quite frosty with trichomes and

The origins of Romulan currently remain unknown. It was purchased by a company named Federation Seeds who wanted to rescue the strain from dying out in 1996. Because of this, Romulan was female-only and had to be crossed with another strain: White Rhino. Eventually, Federation Seeds back-bred the strain enough so that only 3% of White Rhino’s genetics now exist within it.

Average THC levels for this strain are around 16% with some crops reaching up to 20%. It’s been described as having the ability to “dent your head”, creating ridges similar to the Romulan race in Star Trek. This is said because the high is powerful and strikes the consumer first with a head rush that releases itself throughout the body and sedates you into a couch-lock. It will cause sleepiness and is best used at night time, with many reviewers claiming it helps relieve muscle spasms and pain from nerve damage. Expect to have the munchies after consuming this strain.

Romulan is known to have ill side-effects such as bouts of paranoia, dizziness, and headaches when high doses are consumed.

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for $750 Pound – Romulan Indica AAA

  1. Samir

    Phenomenal strain! The trichomes were ridiculous. Total euphoria. Very balanced smoke. Perfect combination of indica

  2. Safwan

    My favorite makes you super giggley and not sleepy:) Sooo dank, great high tastes and smells amazing

  3. Roy

    Trust me I come home from football camp sore as a motherfucker and tired too and this shit got me high af my body was at its peak relaxation and me and y buddies were having a great time reminiscing about the upcoming season

  4. Richie

    This strain actually made me feel pretty productive despite the normal couch-lock. I really enjoyed it.👍🙂

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