$850 Pound – Skywalker Bubba Og Hybrid AAA

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The colors of Bubba Skywalker are a connoisseur’s dream. With the right lighting during cultivation, this strain’s buds display a beautiful array of purples, greens, and blues that might make you want to pull out a magnifying glass.

Bubba Skywalker is a hybrid being a cross between Bubba and Skywalker OG, but indica-lovers tend to enjoy this strain more than sativa-lovers. While reviewers have spoken of how it can help ease racing thoughts or an anxious mind, some have noted that its physical effects are usually stronger. While a body buzz or pleasant numbness spreads through the limbs and joints, the mind tends to wander and have a hard time concentrating according to critics.

However, reviewers that were looking for a strain to help sedate and get them to have a good night’s sleep have enjoyed this strain for its indica-leaning characteristics.

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for $850 Pound – Skywalker Bubba Og Hybrid AAA

  1. Owais

    Slows down thoughts, time. Sense enhancer, relaxed and able to sleep.

  2. Alvin

    You can smell this stuff across a open concert venue….not that I tryed. Very potent, gives you a relax feeling like you cannot believe.

  3. Nikita

    Helps me fall asleep but I always wake up at the witching hour with it. The next morning, my brain is not with me- at all.

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