$760 Pound – Purple Urkle Indica AAA

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The cannabis strain Purple Urkle (aka Purple Urple & The Urkle) is an indica that has a sweet and skunky aroma with tropical undertones. When ready for harvest, its buds are generally a lighter green with various shades of purple, covered in light orange hairs.

The origins of Purple Urkle are draped in mystery despite being around since the 80’s, with many believing it derived from a phenotype of either Grand Daddy Purple or Mendocino Purps. It first blossomed in northern California.

Its THC levels are potent, averaging at 17% with some crops testing out at having up to 26%. It’s been described as a “two-hitter-quitter” meaning two hits of this strain will cause the consumer to feel its full effects. Its high induces sedating effects that are lethargic and extremely relaxing from head to toe. It’s heavy on the eyes, and will cause sleepiness making this strain best suited for nighttime use.

Expect dry mouth and eyes. For novice consumers, this strain can cause dizziness. Headaches can arise after the high wears off if too much is consumed. Paranoia has also been noted by some reviewers.

Purple Urkle is slow to grow, taking up to five months to flower.

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for $760 Pound – Purple Urkle Indica AAA

  1. Riley

    Great all-around strain. I will definitely be using this more often!

  2. Gilbert

    Vaping. A smooth vape sure. Great tasting and refreshing

  3. Jorge

    Wow. I have been smoking herb for 20+ years(not very much maybe 2-3 hits a day) but I am aware of really good weed, and this def qualifies. I have been reading about this strain for years…glad I finally got hold of some. this stuff has a popular resume for a reason…I LOVE THIS 🌿…finally found one that kills my anxiety…even if its only temporary

  4. Dan

    Amazing weed! It takes a little while to hit you, but when it does… dayum! You will literally hit every level of stonedness, from gigglyness, to couch lock, to forgetfullness and everything inbetween. And this stuff lasts forever! I’m still high now and I smoked almost 3 hours ago! I also dry vape this herb on occasion. I get a little less high this method, but still really good.

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